DEADLY MOTHER CITY – Captain Pieter Strauss

I am happy to introduce my Rugby playing Captain Pieter Strauss to my English reading audience.

Clear the stage, raise the curtain


The heat is oppressive in Cape Town and the drinking water is running out. A series of brutal murders shake the Cape of Good Hope. The tension boils over when the body of a young tourist is found in the middle of the idyllic national park.
Captain Pieter Strauss of the “De Valke” special unit must catch the murderer before there can be another victim. Are these gruesome crimes connected to the ancient superstition of the Rain Queen, who demands victims in times of drought? Or is there something else behind it?
Pieter and his old friend Nick Aquilina quickly get caught up in a vortex that pulls them deep into the merciless world of the townships and entangles them in the machinations of unscrupulous, large corporations. A fierce battle breaks out over the urgent need for drinking water, and all the while the murderer hunts for his next victim.

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Everyday Writing for South Africa

About Gangs and Water Troubles–The everyday writing routine for South Africa is quite different.

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While I dealt with rallies, paintings and golf in “Madeira Grave”, the topics for my new South Africa crime novel are quite different.

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Serious topics make writing more sombre

Is it because of the current political situation and the almost daily worsening water shortage in South Africa? In any case, this crime novel is more sombre than its predecessors. It is fitting that it was written in the grey winter months of Hamburg, even though it deals with heat and drought.

Everyday life of the street gangs in the townships

Writing about South Africa means dealing with the problems in the townships. Many tourists who travel to the Cape of Good Hope every year see the beautiful sides of Cape Town with its waterfront. They wander through the Winelands and look at the cute penguins in Simon’s Town. All things that I also did and enjoyed.

But not everything in a crime novel is rosy …