MADEIRA STORM – A Stormy Dance of Danger and Intrigue

In this thrilling sequel of Madeira Grave Comissário Avila faces his toughest challenge yet as he unravels a perplexing mystery amidst the fury of a raging storm. When the body of a tourist washes up in Funchal harbour, Avila’s intuition tells him there’s more to the story than meets the eye. But time is of the essence, as another victim could be next in the killer’s sights.

Dive into the Stormy Depths of Madeira …


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Azulejos de Morte

Do you love fancy book designs?

I really do. That is the reason why I always include small loving details when I design my books. Because in my opinion this little things make a book special. And that is what I want for my readers.

In my Madeira cosy crimes, one of the details the Azulejos da Morte. Deadly tiles. Azulejos are the typical Portuguese tiles. In this case with a killer design!

If you would like to have more information about my new Madeira cosy crime series, just watch my booktrailer.