MADEIRA SILENCE – Step into the Haunting World of Nuns in Avila’s 3rd Thriller

In this gripping sequel of Madeira Storm, Avila finds himself embroiled in a dangerous investigation at a beauty farm, where appearances are deceiving and secrets lurk beneath the tranquil facade. As Avila unravels the threads that connect the present to the past, the impact of Empress Sisi’s secret on the case becomes chillingly apparent.

Explore the captivating secrets of “Madeira Silence”


Madeira’s ladies are happy. At last there is a beauty farm just for them. Leticia Avila and her friend Inês are also immediately drawn to the temple of beauty. They enjoy mud packs, peelings and massages. But then they make the acquaintance of the unpleasant journalist Sofia Lima, who, following in the footsteps of Empress Sisi, unsettles the island and the staff of the beauty farm.
Meanwhile, Comissário Avila looks after his little daughter and thinks about reducing his work at police headquarters in favour of his family. But when a few days later the journalist’s severed hand and shortly afterwards her body are found on the grounds of a former nunnery, he has to make a decision: Does he want to continue playing the househusband or support his team around Subcomissário Vasconcellos – especially since Avila knows the main suspect better than he would like.

“Madeira Silence” is a must-read mystery full of heart, humour and the longing place Madeira – perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Louise Penny and The Appeal.

Reviews to Madeira Silence

“An entertaining and suspenseful thriller with a twisty, coherent plot, interesting and pictorially told, with sympathetic protagonists and once again a beautiful, impressive setting.”–starred review.

“Murder hunt and island flair – a beautiful and entertaining third part of the series.”–starred review.

“I can recommend this cosy crime novel to anyone who likes suspense, feel-good moments and a wonderful island feeling. I was captivated by the story from the first moment.”–starred review.

“Madeira Silence” – available as an ebook and paperback in many online stores and available for order at your local book dealer.


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