MADEIRA STORM – A Stormy Dance of Danger and Intrigue

In this thrilling sequel of Madeira Grave Comissário Avila faces his toughest challenge yet as he unravels a perplexing mystery amidst the fury of a raging storm. When the body of a tourist washes up in Funchal harbour, Avila’s intuition tells him there’s more to the story than meets the eye. But time is of the essence, as another victim could be next in the killer’s sights.

Dive into the Stormy Depths of Madeira …


A storm is brewing over the Atlantic island and the body of a tourist washes up in Funchal harbour.

Did the young man really just underestimate the raging sea? Comissário Avila doesn’t have a good feeling about the matter, but he doesn’t have time to be too bothered as a romantic weekend with his wife in Madeira’s picturesque mountains is on the agenda. But it is not only the approaching storm that disturbs the idyll: the body of a young woman suddenly floats in the hotel pool.
Cut off from the outside world, Comissário Avila tries to find the murderer, a race against time, because in the midst of the raging storm the murderer is already hunting his next victim and this time it concerns Avila personally

Can the Comissário save his little family?

Experience the captivating beauty of Madeira and unravel the secrets hidden within its tempestuous backdrop.

Comissário Avila is back in his second case on the island of eternal spring. Perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Janice Hallett.

Reviews to Madeira Storm

“Investigation work as in earlier times, interesting and exciting. Thrilled by this episode.”-starred review.

“The tension is like a storm, it grows slowly but steadily and at its peak it explodes.”-starred review.

“If you like good “who-done-it” detective stories with likeable investigators, this is the book for you.”-starred review.

“The web of relationships Avila has to unravel is reminiscent of classics such as Agatha Christie’s “Evil Under the Sun”. The individual characters are again wonderfully drawn by the author.”-starred review.

“In Avila’s second case, Joyce Summer has once again, quite incidentally, put the island of Madeira in the spotlight. But this time from the dark, stormy side.”-starred review.

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